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My site can't connect to WordProof
My site can't connect to WordProof
Some website servers block incoming requests by WordProof. In this article, we will explore possible solutions.
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Local environments

WordProof does not work on websites in local environments, such as MAMP or LocalWP. This has to do with the fact that WordProof is unable to reach these servers because they are locally hosted.

Whitelist the WordProof IP in your Firewall

Whether it is a WordPress security plugin or a server-wide setting: firewalls often block third party requests. Because of this, your website doesn't receive the response sent by WordProof and thus cannot connect.

See if you have an active security plugin or firewall setting on your server. You might even contact your hosting provider to ask if they have server wide rules. Whitelist the following IP address (or ask your web developer or web hoster to do this for you):

Instructions for Cloudflare

Cloudflare is kwown for its advanced protection rules, but its firewall unfortunately blocks many services that send requests to the website, such as WordProof. You can whitelist these requests by adding a custom firewall rule.

To start, navigate to your Cloudflare Dashboard and click on your site. Continue to Firewall and click the link '+ Create firewall rule'.

Create a new firewall rule with the following variables:

  • Name: WordProof

  • Field: IP Address

  • Value:

  • Action: Allow

After deploying your rule, you should see it listed and enabled. You have now whitelisted WordProof!

Tip: still experiencing issues? Try disabling 'Bot Fight Mode' and try again. If this solves your issue, please get in touch with us so we can investigate this further with you.

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